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October 07, 2010


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I feel like this comment is dangerous to make given that this is always going to be something of a judgement call, but I'm sick and tired of mediocre theater. Period. From Broadway to Indie Theater, I feel like I walk out of 75% of what I see with a feeling of "meh". (A hearty thank you to those in the top 25% that were outstanding!)If I can see a more commited, invested and honest performance on reality TV, why would I buy tickets to the theater? It just doesn't make sense. I don't know if this is the result of mediocre scripts, or directors or actors - although I suspect all 3 for being at fault at the moment - but I feel like it's killing this whole industry. If we cease to be a worthwhile experience, do we really deserve to continue?


Also. I would love to see some sort of "Resident of New York" discount for Broadway. Like a serious discount. Such that people who live in New York see theater as readily as they go to the movies. I recently went to see Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - which was absolutely fantastic. But all the people sitting around me and my boyfriend had gray hair. Not to say that the gray haired crowd can't be hip to what's going on in the theater scene, but this show is, at its heart, Emo Rock meets Comedy Central...and happens to be politcal satire. It is the PERFECT show for nearly every 20s/30s/40s business monkey in this city who tunes in to Jon Stewart every night. But I doubt that even 25% of them will ever see it. Which is ridiculous. I feel like the current Broadway pricing structure is for old people who've got money to burn on tickets that cost $170.00 a pop and tourists who can stand around at TKTS in the middle of the day. How great would it be if you could continually wrangle that chunk of the city's population that is ALWAYS here, in to see your show?

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