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October 01, 2010


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Timothy Childs

What a great idea for a blog! Theatre is all about engagement, and this perfectly epitomizes that.

A few thoughts/questions for you, Jen and Alli:

1) How do you choose the folks you 'engage' with?

2) Would love to know what train you're on and when exactly (sometimes I can tell by the video, sometimes I cannot).

3) I wonder if it would be an even more interesting experiment if you chose a different question every week to ask, and went on multiple trains/asked multiple folks. It'd be fun to see the variety of responses -- especially if the questions were theatre-related.


- Timothy Childs

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One of the reasons I admire Thatcher is because she was clever, curious and well-informed. I think you need to get over your class analysis of this situation. I also think the idea of a conservative who has no time for the concept of the 'better' is a contradiction of terms.

Alli & Jen

Hi Timothy! Thanks so much for your comment. We’re so glad you like the concept, and we really appreciate your feedback. Some answers to your questions:

1) We try to approach a wide array of people in an attempt to capture the diversity of New York. We also choose people who look like they might be ready to talk!

2) That’s a great idea. We’re going to look into location-based tweeting from Jen’s iPhone. Stay tuned!

3) We agree. Our dilemma thus far is that certain questions have a high yield rate (ex. What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen on the subway?) while other questions seem to perpetually fall flat. We’re definitely working on it though, and if you have any questions for us, please let us know!

Thanks again and we hope you’ll share our vlog with your friends and followers!


Alli & Jen

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