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January 01, 2010


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Michael Ian Cedar

This is fantastic Michael. I wish everyone in the new year the level of passion that Gary conveys.

I ordered Crush It earlier today, and love that you posted this video.

It is indeed about "community" and I believe that the idea of "community" is the next big step for Entertainment.

We are in the "i" world iPhone, iPod, iHome. People more than ever have a face and a voice. People want interaction more than ever.

Who will figure our iTheater?

Tom Atkins

Interesting video. The host really didn't quite know how to handle Gary did he? But I really enjoyed the thoughts on building business and particularly on being driven by gratitude.

Michael - I feel 'iTheatre' is starting to develop. In London, we've had the Royal Opera House put together an opera from Twitter, a conference from the Arts Council on relationships between digital media and the arts, the launch of Digital Theatre (a company who films and showcases full theatre productions) and other projects. However, the live experience will always have to endure - there is no connection more powerful. Or is there?

I guess one of the questions is....when we are so focussed with creating something and then hoping people like it when we start selling tickets, how is it even possible for Theatre to build that community ahead of the idea even being there? Around the people involved, the production company, the brand? Maybe.

But I know, from experience, that we don't listen to audiences and would-be audiences enough. It's hard to tear your eyes away from the sales reports and put energy into your comment box.

Michael Ian Cedar

Why does the use of social media and the internet have to be marketing tools? Why can't the internet be baked into the product... That's a piece of pie I would like to get my mouth on!

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