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August 12, 2009


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I LOVE this metaphor Michael.
Relationship building is often a difficult thing, because everyone has an agenda. Sometimes I feel like I need to speak louder than others (metaphorically speaking)and the greasy wheel, etc......
However sometimes, more times than not actually, it's about how you support and help others FIRST that establishes those relationships more than anything else.
We forget that - and we can't afford to!
Over time, you learn who you can truly depend on (the mutually supportive), who the users are, and who will be in your sphere for a very long time. But it takes listening from the heart too, not just with your ears!
In health and well-being, my friend !

Tom Atkins

Interesting use of Jenga! But I think people must be careful that they are being honest with this -as Michael says, listening from the heart is important. I'm not a fan of people who build their networks to suit them - they become very obvious, very quickly. It's chance, give and take, care, attention, knowledge, warmth and heart which contributes to full and rewarding personal and professional relationships. Not sure you get much of that in a game of Jenga.

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